Take Your Synth to the Next Level

When you want to explore the world of synths (or make an upgrade), Shock Electronix can help you! We take the time to get to know our customers, to make recommendations as needed. If you want to take your sound to the next level, allow us to help you find the right equipment.
Imagine being able to create virtually any type of sound you want, whether you have the actual instrument or not. That’s what you can look forward to when you add a synthesizer to your full setup.
It can be difficult to shop for a synthesizer in Australia, which is why many people turn to us. We can talk to you about the various technologies, ranging from phase distortion synthesis to wavetable synthesis. Understanding how the electronic signals are generated will allow you to create the sounds that you desire.
While a synth may not come with a keyboard, you can also choose to use one that you already have – or even plug it into a computer. By establishing the equipment that you have and the budget that you have, it will make it easier to determine how you want to upgrade your sound.
If you’re not sure what kind of setup you want, we’re here to ask a few questions. By learning more about what you hope to accomplish with a synthesizer, we can make all sorts of recommendations.
Once you have a synthesizer in Australia plugged in and ready to go, you have more sounds at your fingertips. You can generate any kind of sound you want, whether it’s from an actual instrument or something straight out of your imagination.
The reality is that synthesizers are used for so many different industries – from concert music to post-production film-making. We understand the many uses and how many models can make an impact on what it is that you’re trying to create.
As a builder and DIY-er, we help you to access the many component kids for PCB designs, too. What this means is that you can design your own board, allowing you to have all of the features that you want. With so many modules available, the possibilities are seemingly endless.
One thing is for sure – adding a synthesizer to your setup is going to create considerably more options than you have right now. This equipment has been available for years, making it possible for bands to produce more sounds without having more instruments. Further, it can help you to create that “amazing” sound that you have been striving for.
Let us help you find the equipment that you need in Australia, or anywhere else. We ship worldwide! With our help, you can make your investment really count.



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