The Shock Electronix VolcaMod MIDI OUT modificator is one of the simplest and easiest MIDI OUT mods on the market. The modification has purposely been designed for those with very basic assembly and soldering skills.


Once installed correctly the VolcaMod MIDI OUT modificator will allow you to take advantage of the additional features and functions found within your regular Volca-series device.


The VolcaMod MIDI OUT modificator will be of great benefit to those who wish to control and sequence other MIDI enabled hardware and software.


Across the range of the Volca-series, the VolcaMod MIDI OUT modificator will enable such features as, START / STOP Sequencing, NOTE ON / OFF, Triggering, Tempo Adjustment, Play and Change Octave. Some other controls will also be enabled with the VolcaMod, but not all due structural limitations as set by, and not supported by the manufacturer.




Expansion for standard Volca-series

Simple minimal design

Easy DIY user installable

Sequencing Control, Trigger Functions

Enables MIDI Hardware and Software use




  • Volca Bass
  • Volca Beats
  • Volca FM
  • Volca Keys
  • Volca Sample (V1.3 Volca Sample Firmware, does not transmit MIDI Continuous Controller Data from its Knobs)


Click Here for the installation guide for the models listed above.


Compatibility (Untested):


  • Volca Drum
  • Volca FM
  • Volca Kick
  • Volca Modular
  • Volca NuBass


Note**: Models listed above (untested), are eligible for a product refund reward. That meaning if you are willing to chance your hand at installing the Modificator, and it is successful with proven evidence, we will refund you in full for the product, and all you will have paid is shipping. 


Note**: May not work with cheap low quality MIDI/USB cables and devices

VolcaMod - Korg Volca Synthesizer MIDI OUT Modificator

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