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The Shock Electronix The Power is powerful utility module, that can deliver up to 2.5A on both the +12V and -12V rails (approx 5A max), therefor making it suitable for a small start-up system, to a much larger sized system.


The Power is by far the most important building block you will need in order to run a Eurorack system……. If there is No power, then there is No fun!


The Power, was designed to adapt to different Eurorack setups. It can connect directly to most conventional passive busboards via the 1/4" quick-connect spade terminals (-12V, 0V and +12V). Or with the spade terminal adaptor board (included), it can connect to a 16-Pin IDC ribbon cable and "flying" busboard.




The Power is available to buy as - 


  • A Fully assembled module, ready for instant plug ‘n’ play, no mess, no fuss....


  • A Complete DIY kit, which includes the Front Panel, PCB/s and Parts.......... The assembly build is up to you. (Assembly Guide is offered, but technical support is limited)




Width: 6hp


Max Depth: 27mm (35mm with spade adaptor fitted)


Approx. Power Rating: Input Power 12VDC @ 5A max


  • -12V Output 2.5A maximum
  • +12V Output 2.5A maximum
  • Input Connector 2.1mm DC, tip positive


BOM (Build Of Materials): Click Here


Additional Notes:


The Power module is suitable for universal worldwide 110-240volt power usage, and the wall-power supply/power brick requirements are 12VDC up-to 5Amp (it can be less if you don’t need that much power 1Amp for example).


The Power module as standard does not include a 12VDC wall-power supply/power brick, but can be purchased through the website seperately.


The choice not to include a 12VDC wall-power supply/power brick was simply because it has such basic specificfications that it is highly likely you may have a spare one for use already, or otherwise found at any good electronics supplier around the world.


The quality of the +12V output rail is entirely dependent on the quality of the external brick. Low-noise, low-ripple power bricks are strongly recommended for optimum system performance.


+DC/-DC conversion is done using a CE compliant DC converter ensuring that the module achieves a high level of compliance (assumes that the external 12VDC brick meets minimum CE compliance)


To work out how much power you need to run your module and/or system, then please refer to the likes of Modular Grid, or refer to the manufacturer of the module.

The Power - Power Supply Eurorack Module & Kit/s

  • Shipping Transit.

    With Tracking 7-14 Business Days (Estimated)

  • Sales & Taxes.

    The sale price listed is AUD (Australian Dollar), and is the final price to pay.

  • Payment.

    Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal.

  • Warranty/Returns.

    1-Year warranty against defects, and manufacturing faults. (Click for more)

  • Additional Notes.

    This device is suitable for use Worldwide

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