The Shock Electronix 16-PIN to 2x16-PIN Header Ribbon cable enables you to add another Eurorack Module to your system without the need to buy another busboard, and is typically used for Signal Power transfer from the Busboard to a Eurorack Module  


It could otherwise be said it is a multiplier, from 1 ribbon cable, 2 modules can be connected inline to a single busboard slot.


Our standard lengths are:


  • 12"
  • 16"


(Refer to image 2, for connection configuration)

Compatibility Guide:


  • Shock Electronix
  • Doepfer
  • Mutable Instruments
  • Make Noise
  • Elby-Designs
  • Erica Synths
  • Blue Lantern
  • Synthrotek
  • Intellijel
  • WMD
  • 4ms
  • XAOC
  • Roland
  • Noise Engineering
  • Synthesis Technology
  • Verbos
  • Livewire
  • and Many Many More....



Connection Type: 16-PIN Header (Female) - 2x 16-PIN Header (Female)
Length: 12” 16"(Approx 300mm 400mm) Alternative Lengths and slots available by special order.
Colour: Black/Grey (Stock Dependant at Time)

16 PIN to 2x16 PIN Doubler Eurorack Ribbon Cable

SKU: C-D1616
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