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Modatron Modulator and Delay with Audio INPUT!

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Yes we've done it and now the Shock Electronix Modatron Modulator and Delay comes with AUDIO Input option.

What does this mean if you already bought it?

All existing customer who wish to perform the Audio Input mod, please go to our Contact US page, fill out the form along with your address, and we will send you the part free of charge

How does it look?

Snazzy.... In the mod we use is a "cliff" jack. The cliff jack has more clearance, and it's an easy addition, just solder the wires to the terminals as shown. Go to our technical page, and download the guide.

As standard, we will supply assembled modules with the "input" jack installed.

DIY Kit gets the "cliff" jack in the kit. It's your choice to add it or not.

DIY Kit and BASICS kit, get the panel as standard, no pre-drilled holed, as this allows for you to chose if you want the option or not.

If you do want to perform the mod, you will need to use an 8mm drill bit.

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